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Multi-touch technologies in support of technical document management

Le superfici multi-touch hanno introdotto il concetto di gestualità naturale su contenuti digitali. Le soluzioni multi-touch sono note al pubblico grazie all’introduzione massiva nel mercato dei dispositivi mobili. Practix si concentra su schermi touch screen di grande formato. Gli schermi interattivi di grandi dimensioni offrono scenari applicativi nuovi. Le Lavagne Interattive Multimediali (LIM) possono essere installate in un contesto lavorativo o didattico. Practix ha scommesso su questo genere di tecnologie e sul loro  ruolo chiave nel supportare il processo di Digitalizzazione documentale in corso nella Pubblica Amministrazione o più in generale dove è prevista una gestione documentale tecnica. Questi dispositivi touch, da scrivania o da muro, coadiuvati da software specificatamente progettati e da risorse Cloud sempre più evolute, agevolano la gestione del documento tecnico e delle informazioni connesse. Multi-touch surfaces have introduced the concept of natural gestures on digital content. Multi-touch solutions are known to the public thanks to the massive introduction in the market of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, Practix focuses on a larger size variant. This type of large-size screen, from 20 inches up to 84 inches or larger, offers new and different application scenarios. The use of Multimedia Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) is an example of how a technological element can find application in a work or study setting. Practix has invested its efforts on this kind of technology and on its key role in supporting the Document Digitisation process underway in the Public Administration sector or, more generally, where technical document management is in scope. These interactive touch devices, in desktop or wall format, supported by specially designed software and increasingly advanced Cloud technologies, facilitate technical document management and of the related information.

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Practix has invested in the development of a new Cloud solution for professional multi-touch screens with the implementation of the DraftTrade project. Inspired by a Research and Development project funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento, the initiative initially examined, through analysis, field observations and interviews with users, the main reasons behind the preference for paper in the review of complex 2D drawings such as engineering and architectural projects. Practix therefore designed a solution able to rethink the way this type of technical document is manipulated and reviewed in digital form. An extremely fast graphic interface allows the user to navigate the details of the drawings, while maintaining an overall view. Hand annotations made using digital pens and keyboard render the analysis and review process fully digitised. This system, which can be integrated with all common document management tools, facilitates the adoption of a digitisation process in the Public Administration sector, currently still quite problematic. Many technical bodies take advantage of DraftTrade, from the landscaping commission to the conference committee for the management of public works, reducing the need for travel and paper prints. 


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How does Drafttrade work?

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    Load the drawings in .pdf format on the DraftTrade web platform. Wait a few seconds and the drawings will be available for review.

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    DraftTrade is equipped with a modern multi-touch graphical user interface makes it possible to conveniently view and correct drawings (redlining) using proprietary SUPERZOOM technology and to highlight any design changes thanks to the annotation tools made available by the software.

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    DraftTrade generates a user report of the design review with all annotations highlighted in a clear and orderly manner, thus making them easily traceable and always available over time, wherever you are.

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  • To install it, all that is needed is a simple PC, because it works with touch screens, but also with a mouse.
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  • From now on the work of technicians will be digital in nature, from the beginning to the final drawing file and the revision process will become more efficient.
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  • A technology that transforms land registry, building and land management documents into digital format.
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Case Study

The municipality of Langhirano

In 2015 the Municipality of Langhirano was the first municipality in Italy to experiment with the use of DraftTrade to support the activities of the landscaping commission. Thanks to the Administration’s far-sighted approach, Practix collaborated with Pixel Systems srl to make available an interactive room equipped with two wall screens and 7 latest-generation ultrabooks. Through the cloud services offered by DraftTrade, the Commission receives documentation in advance for evaluation and, during meetings, the software makes it possible to avoid unnecessary and expensive prints.