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Software for Interactive Tables and multi-touch screens

Practix develops software solutions for interactive tables and multi-touch screens designed to best suit your business needs. In fact, our multi-disciplinary staff will help you maximise the value of technologies offered by interactive tables for your business.
Thanks to our support, your company can benefit from the use of innovative tools which, thanks to engaging and intuitive graphical user interfaces and state-of-the-art technologies, support complex social interaction experiences. The expertise offered by Practix is not only focused on the user experience and on design techniques aimed at group interaction, but also includes important skills in software development, allowing the company to manage projects, integrating table specific applications with cloud computing and mobile platforms. With Practix, your business can therefore benefit from interactive tables designed to communicate directly with users’ smartphones and to interact with external servers for the migration and retrieval of online content.
Through our interfaces, visitors and information providers can manipulate virtual objects, multimedia resources, three-dimensional elements, brochures and browsable digital documents just like real pages, interact with graphics or illustrations, or simulate mechanisms or devices, all within a collaborative environment and with the use of customised tools.
The services offered by Practix range from assessments of your objectives, to the conception, design and development of software, with the subsequent on-site installation of the solution. Practix also guarantees a comprehensive support service for the entire period of use of the platform.