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Interactive solutions for group engagement and entertainment

Entertainment and games represent ideal contexts for interactive technologies that facilitate access to multiple players to the same screen. In contrast with mobile technology, video games based on board games played on an interactive table represent the latest frontier of entertainment in social settings, providing for a new interpretation of the multiplayer game experience. Through the multimedia table, multiple players can play the same game, both in a competitive and a collaborative mode. The recreational context around the table reproduces the social context typically offered by traditional board games, with the addition of new functionality and with the added entertainment factor of new computer graphics. This type of technology is suitable for reception settings such us luxury hotels, cruise ships, clubs, etc. To meet this market requirement Practix developed the Practix Games Suite. 

Video game suite

The Practix Game Suite designed for an interactive table is a collection of classic games such as Poker, AirHokey, BlackJack, checkers, chess, and many others. The Practix Game Suite has been fully designed from scratch in order to take advantage of the features offered by large multi-touch screens and the involvement of up to 4 simultaneous players. The Practix Game Suite lends itself to many applications in the hospitality and entertainment sectors and can be fully customised. The customisations can be made by the customer or by technical Practix personnel who is able to change and reconfigure every graphical and game-play related aspect. The purpose of the customisations is to improve the user experience depending on the expectations of the customer and to better characterise the brand conveyed through the moments of conviviality offered by the game.  

9 games to choose from

  • Poker

  • Blackjack

  • Air-Hockey

  • Solitaire

  • Majhong

  • Sudoku

  • Backgammon

  • Chess

  • Checkers


A true multi-user Poker game complete with all the rules, allows players to venture into the world of virtual betting using symbolic chips. Even without actual bets, the game is highly entertaining and allows players to enjoy hours of fun challenge between friends. 


The AirHokey game offered by the Practix Game Suite allows up to 4 players to protect their own goal post. The multi-player variant makes the game even more entertaining and complex compared to the 2-player version, thanks to the social dynamics that can be created in the group setting.